Editors, Typists, Statistical Analysis Services

The Graduate School maintains this list of typists, editors, and courier services as a resource to students. The individuals and businesses listed here are independent contractors, and are not affiliated with or employed by the Graduate School.

Couriers and Formatting

Carol Cook

  • brc4+[at]+cornell [dot] edu
  • (607) 564-9375

Editing and Proofreading

Clare Xanthos, Ph.D. Academic Editor

  • Services are targeted to social science, health-related, and humanities manuscripts
  • clare [dot] xanthos+[at]+gmail [dot] com
  • 1-404-380-1155
  • http://www.clarexanthos.com/

Christy Cocchi

  • International graduate student population
  • christycocchi+[at]+hotmail [dot] com
  • 781-326-0720

Georgia A. Martin, Ph.D.

  • Editing/proofreading in LaTeX and MS Word
  • Specialty areas: mathematics, science, economics, engineering
  • georgiaamartin+[at]+verizon [dot] net
  • (301) 962-9299

Ashleigh Imus, Ph.D.

  • Extensive experience with non-native English speakers
  • www.ashleighimus.com
  • ashleighimus+[at]+gmail [dot] com

Susan R. Dixon, Ariadne's Thread, Inc. (editing for international students)

  • Thesis and dissertation editing for grammar and syntax
  • www.ariadne.org
  • dixon+[at]+ariadne [dot] org

Evelyn Asher

  • evelynasher+[at]+charter [dot] net
  • (828)719-7227

Liz Fields

  • Copyediting and content editing

  • Extensive experience with non-native English speakers; Ph.D. dissertations, articles, books

  • Email: lizlovesmusic+[at]+gmail [dot] com for CV, rates, references and more info

Melanie Bush

Paula Douglass

  • pdoug453+[at]+gmail [dot] com
  • (607) 279 4649

Laura Glenn

  • Laura J Glenn+[at]+yahoo [dot] com
  • (607) 277-1215

Independent Strategies

Ithaca Editing Group

Kristen Ebert-Wagner

Patricia Haines

  • Cornell thesis/dissertation experience
  • levelgreeninstitute+[at]+yahoo [dot] com

Sunny Hicks

  • sthicks+[at]+otelco [dot] net

Melissa Watts

  • MW-editing.com
  • melissa+[at]+MW-editing [dot] com
  • (804)972-8900



Expert Proofreading, Editing, & Writing Collaboration

- Affordable & Personalized
  • www.Jaxballard.com
  • E-mails: admin+[at]+jaxballard [dot] com;orders+[at]+jaxballard [dot] com ( orders+[at]+jaxballard [dot] com;)jax+[at]+jaxballard [dot] com ( jax+[at]+jaxballard [dot] com)
  • Phone: 800-865-1450

Statistical Analysis

Statistical Consulting

  • ww.cscu.cornell.edu, fmv1+[at]+cornell [dot] edu, cscu+[at]+cornell [dot] edu


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