Partners and Families

Kids' Science Day at the Big Red Barn


Make your Family a part of the Cornell Family.


Orientation 2014 events for family members:

ISSO Orientation Program for International Students

Saturday, August 23, Statler Auditorium - 3:00 - 7:00pm - Come and meet other new international students, and receive a warm welcome from the staff at the International Students and Scholars Office (ISSO). There will be a special welcome and an opportunity to meet other spouses.

Hasbrouck Family Welcome Event 

Tuesday, August 26, Hasbrouck Courtyard @ Hasbrouck Apts.  - 4:00 - 6:00pm - This is open to all student families as an opportunity to meet other families, as well as representatives from many non-profit and service organizations working in and around Cornell. There will be live entertainment, fun activities, and tons of useful information for all. For more information, contact Linda Majani:

Graduate School Welcome for Partners and Spouses

Tuesday, September 2, Stocking Hall Conference Center - 2:00 - 3:00pm:  - Come learn first-hand about the academic programs and structure at Cornell.  Watch Graduate Students, Graduate Stories to hear about graduate student life. RSVP Now!

Students with Families Ice Cream Social (sponsored by the Students wtih Families Advisory Committee)

Tuesday, September 2, Stocking Hall Conference Center - 3:00 - 5:00pm: - Join us for a networking opportunity to meet other new grad student families while enjoying Cornell Dairy Ice Cream. Come solo, with your partner, and/or with children. RSVP Now!

In addition, Graduate School Orientation events for families:

Graduate School Resource Fair

Monday, August 25, Barton Hall - 8:30 - 10:30am - Learn more about resources available to supporty you and your family.  Make sure that your spouse/partner registers your family at the fair.

Graduate School Ice Cream Social

Monday, August 25, Big Red Barn - 4:00 - 5:30pm - Join us at the Big Red Barn, the Graduate and Professional Student Center, for an opportunity to meet other first year students and families.


The Graduate School recognizes that our students may arrive in Ithaca accompanied by their spouses/partners and/or children.  Both the Graduate School and Cornell University offer various resources to students with family members.  We welcome the participation of spouses, partners, and children at many activities and events, and the Big Red Barn Graduate and Professional Center invites student families to join its community.


The Office of Graduate Student Life is your primary contact for any questions or concerns regarding student spouses, partners and children.  There is also a campus-wide advisory group that oversees all aspects of student life experience for graduate and professional student families.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding what resources are available, please contact the Assistant Dean for Graduate Student Life at  In the meantime, please explore the many resources that already exist to support our graduate student families. 

Staying Informed

Communication is key in order for you to take advantage of opportunities available for graduate student families.  The following listserves are sponsored by the Cornell Graduate School, and support different needs of our graduate student families: 

  • Student Spouse/Partner List:  This list is the primary method that University offices communicate directly with graduate student spouses and partners. Weekly summary emails share information about ongoing campus events open to spouses and partners.  Members may also use the list to post announcements of upcoming events, meet new friends, post questions and answers to the group, or discuss current events and issues of concern.
  • Student Spouse/Partner Employment List:  This list is designed for graduate student spouse/partners seeking employment in the Ithaca area.  As positions become available, job announcements are emailed to listserve members.  In addition, any employment workshops/services open to student spouses and partners are shared through this list.
  • Graduate Students with Children List:  Being a parent can be hard.  This is a special list for graduate student parents who wish to support and connect with one another.  Members may use the list to post announcements of upcoming events, meet new friends, post questions and answers to the group, or discuss current events and issues of concern.
  • Students with Children List:  This is a University-wide list, managed through Career/Life Services, that serves all Cornell students who are parents.  We strongly recommend that you sign up for this list if you have children: it is extremely helpful in learning about the many opportunities and activities for children available at Cornell and in the surrounding area.